Young Bucks Reveal When They Plan To Be Done With Wrestling?

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Young Bucks Reveal When They Plan To Be Done With Wrestling?

It appears that AEW World Tag Team Champions the Young Bucks may have revealed when they plan to be finished with pro-wrestling.

Since turning heel a couple of weeks ago, the Bucks have adopted a much cockier outlook on life, which has been highly evident through, of all things, their Twitter bio.

They’ve now changed their bio again, and it currently reads:

“Wrestling’s sweethearts. Needle movers. Goalpost chasers. Polarizing, self-made millionaires. Could’ve retired years ago so this is all extra credit. Done by 40.”

The comment “done by 40” seems to imply they want to be done with wrestling by the time they’re 40 years old, but obviously they could simply be telling an obnoxious lie to complement their recent antics.

If it is true though, Matt is currently 36 and Nick is 31, so there’s still a fair few years left to go.

They’ve currently aligned themselves with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, the Good Brothers and Don Callis, and retained their championship in a Meltzer five-star match against PAC & Rey Fenix on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite.

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