WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, May 19th, 2023

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WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, May 19th, 2023

How much do you remember about the world of wrestling this week?

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ROUND ONE: IN THE NEWS. The logo for AEW's new Saturday show Collision bears a close resemblance to a classic logo for which other weekly show?

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'Superstar' Billy Graham, who died this week, held the WWF Championship for how many days in the 1970s?

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Who were the last two men Mustafa Ali eliminated from the battle royal on Raw this week to earn a shot at the intercontinental title?

Mustafa Ali

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In which country has WWE announced that it will run a live event this September?

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It was confirmed on AEW Dynamite that Wardlow will face Christian Cage in what kind of match for the TNT Title at Double Or Nothing?

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ROUND TWO: ALTERNATIVE WRESTLER NAMES. Who spent some of their early career known as Sexton Hardcastle?

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Who wrestled under a mask and was known as The Super Destroyer?

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Who wrestled on the independent circuit as Davina Rose?

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Who wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling as 'Punisher' Dice Morgan?

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Who has been known at different times in their career as The Black Ninja, The White Ninja and Super Ninja?

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ROUND THREE: WRESTLING GOES HOLLYWOOD! Seth Rollins was reportedly spotted on the set of the new Captain America set this week. But which of these wrestlers has NOT appeared in any Marvel movie to date?

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Years ago, when Seth Rollins was still in kindergarten, Kevin Nash appeared on film in 1991 as which famous villain?

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Which legendary wrestler played a villainous henchman in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice?

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Which future WWE star had a small role in the 1999 Al Pacino movie Any Given Sunday?

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Which of these Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson movies was the most successful, grossing over $1.5 billion?

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ROUND FOUR: MAY PAY-PER-VIEWS. What was the final score in the Iron Man match between The Rock and Triple H at Judgment Day 2000?

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Which of these WWE pay-per-views has never been held in May?

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A championship from which other promotion was defended at AEW's inaugural Double Or Nothing show in 2019?

AEW Double or Nothing

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Who won the women's Owen Hart Foundation Tournament at Double Or Nothing in 2022?

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Who did Jinder Mahal beat to win the WWE Championship at Backlash in May 2017?

WWE photo of Jinder Mahal now going by Raj Dhesi

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