WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, July 28th, 2023

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WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, July 28th, 2023

How much do you remember about the world of wrestling this week?

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Hulk Hogan announced his engagement this week. What is his future wife's name?

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Which WWE star teased their imminent return from injury this week?

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Which AEW star appears to have retired from wrestling this week?

AEW Logo

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Which WWE star took to Twitter (or X) to threaten people trying to hack their account?

WWE Logo

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Which former WWE star was working backstage in AEW as a producer this week?

WWE And AEW Logos

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Which WWE star admitted this week he'd love to do more commentary work?

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Which current WWE star described Chad Gable as the most underrated wrestler in all of WWE this week?

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Who will Gable Steveson face in his WWE debut match at NXT Great American Bash?

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Boxer Stephen Fulton entered the ring to which WWE star's music this past week?

WWE Logo

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According to one of its members, which former WWE tag team doesn't keep in touch at all anymore?

WWE logo on WWE headquarters wwe merch

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Which WWE star was written off TV this week to help her recover from a legitimate arm injury?

WWE Raw Logo Nia Jax

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Who will Maxxine Dupri face in her debut singles match next week on Raw?

Maxxine Dupri Alpha Academy graduation

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Who did Gunther name as potential female additions to Imperium?

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Which WWE star shared an unmasked photo of Rey Mysterio on their social media this week?

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A deal is reportedly in place between WWE and which former AEW star?

Vince McMahon

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When was the first ever WWE Backlash show?

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When was the first ever WWE Hell in a Cell PPV?

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When was the first ever WWE Extreme Rules PPV?

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When was the first ever WWE Royal Rumble PPV?

Royal Rumble Logo

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When was the first ever WWE Vengeance PPV?

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