Cody Speaks On The Evolution Of All In


A wise man once said, “Evolution is a mystery”, and in regard to All In it couldn’t be more appt. The September 1 show which is deemed the first of its kind started out as a harmless bet over Twitter, but has now skyrocketed to the most talked about and highly anticipated event of the year. Those early fears of if they would even sell tickets seem like a lifetime ago.

With TV deals in the bag, fans flying in from all corners of the globe and the prospect of an All In 2, this now 4-day event has snowballed to something even Cody himself can’t fathom. In a recent tweet from the American Nightmare, he made comment about how he “can’t define” what All In has now become.

During his most recent video on the ‘All Us’ series on Cody’s YouTube Channel, he goes into detail about the bet that was made between himself and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“The initial bet was a dollar bet, and man, were far off from when that started. So, thanks Dave Meltzer.  I was very confident I would be able to bring in those numbers, and we did. Now those numbers have turned into other things. As you know, Ring of Honour is going to run Madison Square Garden, that’s the worlds most famous Arena. And I think they’ll be another and another if we get this right. If All In is what we hope and say it will be then yeah they’ll be a Madison square”

He also went onto say what he thought All In would be in a year.

“I think in a years’ time we’ll know that All In wasn’t a fluke.  I already know that, the people on the card know that, the people who are coming from all around [know that]. In a years’ time, we’ll know we were on to something. Nobody can call what’s going to happen next, so I’m not even going to speculate, we’re definitely on the rise. To me, wrestling has never been more popular, it’s getting into more houses with streaming and choice of who you want to watch.”

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