7 Potential Challengers For Cody Rhodes’ WWE Championship

7 Potential Challengers For Cody Rhodes’ WWE Championship WWE

This past Sunday at WrestleMania XL Cody Rhodes finally did it.

He has finished the story and is the new WWE Champion. For the first time, he is not the hunter anymore. He is now the hunted.

The American Nightmare can be sure that challengers are lining up already and it is only a matter of time to find out who it is.

More than one name in the WWE locker room has a solid case at stepping up to Rhodes as soon as tonight’s WWE SmackDown (April 12).

Without further ado let’s take a look at seven candidates to challenge Cody Rhodes for his newly won Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

7. Drew McIntyre

While he is heavily embroiled with CM Punk right now, McIntyre is actually the final person to beat Cody Rhodes.

On the February 19th edition of MondayNight RAW Drew McIntyre did what many were unable to do in the last few months: Get the W over Cody Rhodes.

Therefore the Scottish Warrior has every right to challenge Cody Rhodes after he is done with CM Punk.

Maybe the WWE Draft sends him to SmackDown, right into Cody’s arms anyway.

He just needs to hope that another former champion from Raw is not going to plan on doing the same….

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2 months ago by Daniel Schachtmeier



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