10 Best SummerSlam Matches Of All Time

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

7. Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle – SummerSlam 2001

Disqualification finishes have been done to death since the start of the Attitude Era but if you need an example of one done perfectly, it is this one.

Steve Austin’s heel run was a net negative for WWE but that doesn’t mean there weren’t great moments. As WWF Champion, Austin was desperate to crush Kurt Angle and retain his title at SummerSlam.

Austin demolished Angle leaving him bloody but no matter what he did, Austin couldn’t keep Angle down. When Angle finally fired back, Austin was frantic.

He couldn’t possibly let the WWF Championship slip away so he got disqualified in a desperate attempt to cling to his title. While the majority of DQ finishes suck, this one was fantastic.

6. The British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart – SummerSlam 1992

After Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam in 1991, Hart carried the Intercontinental Championship for most of the following year. By the time SummerSlam 1992 rolled around, Hart was an established singles star.

On this night, the Intercontinental title became the center of a family affair. Hart would have to defend the title against his brother-in-law the British Bulldog.

Hart has often spoken about this match as one of his best. The most impressive aspect of this match was that Bulldog forgot everything they had planned for the match and Bret had to talk him through the entire performance.

This is one of the most legendary matches in WWE history and for very good reason.

5. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan – SummerSlam 2013

The Summer of 2013 saw the beginning of the rise of Daniel Bryan. He wasn’t being pushed but fans got behind him anyway. Bryan had been in a tag team with Kane for much of the prior year and upon their split fans decided it was his time.

John Cena chose Bryan as his challenger for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam and the stage was set.

This was Bryan’s first pay-per-view main event and he brought it. Cena had been told he wasn’t a wrestler like Bryan was and was determined to prove his doubters wrong.

They had a fantastic battle where Bryan was able to use his wrestling ability to out-work Cena and eventually beat him clean with his running knee. It was a wonderful showing for both men with a classic angle afterward.

4. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam 2013

cm punk brock lesnar

The same night as the last entry, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar fought at SummerSlam 2013. Paul Heyman had turned on Punk at Money in the Bank and now the Beast Incarnate was set to tear Punk apart.

Not enough people talk about the great work Punk did in 2013 and this was one of his best matches.

Whereas the Bryan vs. Cena match was very technical and respectful, this one was extreme and intense. WWE voted it their match of the year for 2013 and it is not hard to understand why.

Punk and Lesnar had a tremendous match together complete with chairs, kendo sticks and knees to the abdomen.

The announcers tried to say Punk hit Go To Sleep to Lesnar’s gut because of his battles with diverticulitis. In reality, Punk probably just missed.


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