10 Ways Stephanie McMahon Could Change WWE As Interim CEO & Chairwoman

2 months ago by Daniel Schachtmeier


9. Reinstallment Of The Brand Split

In recent months WWE began to loosen the brand split. All with title unifications and WWE talent appearing on both shows sporadically.

Stephanie McMahon has the chance to course-correct as the new direction for Raw and SmackDown does not seem to impress everyone.

Also, it comes with bigger company risk as the current World Champion, Roman Reigns, has chosen to work fewer dates.

As the chairwoman and CEO of WWE she must do what is best for the company, such as working on not supplying their audience with talent they want to say is a big problem.

The reinstallment of the brand split along with boosting up both rosters is going to help in the long run to deal with injuries and absences better.


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