6 Ways The Sami Uso Story Could Resolve Itself

2 weeks ago by Ryan Coogan

6 Ways The Sami Uso Story Could Resolve Itself WWE

God Sami Zayn is great, isn’t he?

Like he’s always been great, but he’s really really great right now. Maybe the best ever? Definitely the best thing in wrestling right now.

The only problem with his character arc, and with the Bloodline story as a whole, is that there’s always that niggling sense that we shouldn’t let our guard down until the story has reached its ultimate conclusion.

We’ve been burned before, and we don’t want to look like chumps for praising a WWE storyline when the company has pumped out more crap endings than Stephen King.

With that in mind, let take a look at how the Sami Zayn story could end up resolving itself; the good, the bad, and the awful…


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