8 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 19 – Sept 26)

8 months ago by Adam Blampied

8 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 19 – Sept 26)

Hi, best friends! It’s me, Adam, your best friend. When your other best friends, Ollie, Laurie & Pete aren’t around to tell you the news, it’s me! Your best friend.

I’m here to tell you about all the news they kept from you, cause they’re not really your best friend. They know your secrets.

And they’re gonna use them against you. I’m trying to help you. Because I’m your best friend.

These are eight news stories you may have missed from the last week.

8. CM Punk Mocks WWE

Full disclosure, this list is being recorded before AEW Grand Slam Rampage, so oh wow how great was CM Punk vs Powerhouse Hobbs, or alternatively oh man, can you believe that CM Punk vs Powerhouse Hobbs was bad?

Regardless of the quality of the match though, there’s no doubt CM Punk will remain a happy, smiley man in AEW who’s just happy to be there in front of all his fans, look at him smile.

He just loves a bit of wrestling doesn’t he, bless him.

He said so in front of over 20,000 fans at the Arthur Ashe Stadium at AEW Grand Slam Dynamite – AEW Dynamite Grand Slam? One of the two – which is the largest audience AEW has ever drawn.

Quite the achievement for the young company, and the arena was packed to the rafters – don’t think about COVID, don’t think about COVID – and it was announced earlier in the week that extra tickets were being sold for the event ahead of it taking place on Wednesday.

Revealing on Twitter that this would most likely take the attendance over the 20,000 mark, Dave Meltzer was then quote tweeted by CM Punk, who still hasn’t lost his little tongue-in-cheek quips to WWE just yet.

Punk simply responded with ‘93,173’, which is the reported and definitely 100% accurate attendance for WrestleMania III, well-known for being one of the more egregious occasions of WWE inflating their attendance figures.

Cheeky Punk. Cheeky.

7. Max Caster Was Never Suspended

And speaking of cheeky AEW boys, last month one half of The Acclaimed, Max Caster, cut a controversial rap promo in which he made a few ill-advised comments.

At the time, there were rumors Caster may even be released from the company, but it was commonly believed he had been suspended and sent to sensitivity training, while his tag partner Anthony Bowens began appearing by himself in singles matches for a while.

However, it now turns out that Caster was never actually suspended at all by AEW. How do we know this? Tony Khan rapped about it of course. Wait, what?

Appearing after AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Dynamite – pretty sure that’s the name of the show – Tony Khan took on Caster in a rap battle, with the former being aided by actual rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Khan mentioned as part of his rap that he would suspend Caster for another 30 days, then seemingly realizing what he said, he cleared up that he never actually suspended him in the first place.

Sick burns, Tony. Drop them…bars? That’s what rappers say right?

6. MJF’s Parents Don’t Like MJF

Completing the trifecta of stories about cheeky AEW boys, we finally arrive at probably the cheekiest of them all: MJF.

Now it’s pretty well known that MJF is one of most hated and/or loved characters in all of wrestling right now, with consistent and genuine heel heat on every show.

People love to hate MJF. And as it turns out, even the people who you think would love him also hate him.

MJF’s parents attended Dynamite AEW Slam Grand Dynamite – nailing this show name – and took to Twitter to show off what they were bringing: a sign that says “we’re MJF’s parents and we think he sucks too”, while his dad wore an “I Hate MJF” t-shirt.

 The caption of the tweet said “Probably NOT gonna make the cover of Parents Magazine but see you at Arthur Ashe tonight!”, to which MJF responded with a simple “f*** off mom”.

The F in MJF stands for Family, clearly.


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