9 Stars Who Could Leave AEW In 2023 & Why

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan


Brian Cage

Broccoli and boiled chicken enjoyer Brain Cage hasn’t been shy about criticizing his AEW booking (nor has his wife).

Hell, he spent more time doing that in 2022 than he did wrestling.

It’s not super surprising that a guy like Brian Cage wouldn’t get a ton of TV time in a place like AEW; when you’re much of a body guy as Cage is, in a land mostly populated by gymnasts and technical clinicians, there’s isn’t much they can book you to do beyond ‘eat Darby Allin whole’.

It’s a shame too, because while he probably wouldn’t stand out as much in most other promotions, Cage has a really unique look in the context of Cirque De Tonè.

That being said, his contract is up in February and it would be a little weird if he re-signed after spending most of his time being consigned to Dark, Elevation and ROH.

Maybe he can go to WWE, and be with all the other guys who look like what would happen if you put the words “body builder” and “terrible bicep accident” into a cheap AI image generator.

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