Flashback: Lex Luger Slams Yokozuna

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Elsewhere, Yokozuna was the company’s monster and WWF Champion after felling Hulk Hogan to re-capture the gold at King of the Ring. The athlete was in his prime during this era and remains one of the most memorable and alarming heels in history. Mocking the company he sat atop of as well as the United States of America that neither could produce anyone good enough to topple him, the champion issued a Bodyslam Challenge and invited anyone from anywhere to attempt what seemed like an impossible feat. You’d certainly have to be brave to attempt this. The sight of a near 500lbs monster coming crashing down on you isn’t something everyone would want.

The ‘Stars and Stripes Challenge: Yokozuna vs The USA‘ would form the spine of a special exhibition held on the deck of the iconic U.S.S Intrepid on Independence Day. There was a ring, a gaggle of eager fans, and history lurking in the shadows waiting to be made. Many tried, all failed, and these included names such as Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, Crush, The Steiner Brothers, Tatanka, Bob Backlund, as well as former NFL stars such as Lee Rouson, Scott Burrell, and Russ Francis amongst others. None could hoist the formidable WWF Champion from his base.

But there was one more challenger. One solitary soul left who had the nerve to attempt. Fans cast their eyes into the distance as a helicopter beat through the cloudless sky and perched in a clearing on the ship. The door opened and out stepped a rejuvenated Lex Luger, an all-American, ‘The Man Made in the USA’. Gone was the foil cape and Adonis-like tights. The self-affection was nowhere to be seen. This was a different man. A powerhouse on a mission as he trampled to the ring and entered the beast’s lair.

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