7 Mercedes Mone Debut Opponents For AEW Big Business

7 Mercedes Mone Debut Opponents For AEW Big Business AEW

Despite AEW President Tony Khan not actually saying her name during his latest ‘major’ announcement, it seems all but certain that Mercedes Mone AKA Sasha Banks will be announced as All Elite very soon.

With some reports stating that Mone is already on AEW’s books, it seems safe to now check this one off as a done deal, with our attention now directed towards the event that will host The Boss’ big debut.

This event, as announced by Khan will be known as AEW Big Business – taking place on Wednesday, March 13 in Mone’s hometown of Boston, MA.

With all signs pointing towards a Mone debut, I think it’s about time we put on our speculation caps and figure out who the former multi-time WWE Women’s Champion will be squaring off with first.

While Big Business may not feature a Mone match off the bat, it certainly would be fun to see her get involved in the action right away. Especially with a locker room full of women dying to be the first to step up. So… Who will it be? Let’s find out.

7. Julia Hart

AEW Julia Hart

Mone may be destined for the biggest prize in the AEW women’s division, after all she’s likely going to be far and away the highest female earner in the company.

So how about instead of immediately jumping to that inevitable conclusion, we instead see her start her AEW journey by going after AEW’s mid-card prize instead?

Julia Hart has been fantastic since capturing the TBS Championship, however, she does need some worthy competition right now.

Fellow spooky sister Skye Blue or perhaps Willow Nightingale may be more likely candidates to take the title from Hart eventually, but Mone immediately challenging for a title would be pretty wild and a great way to pop the TD Garden crowd.

The problem would be getting the title off her… but that’s a headache TK can deal with later.

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