Ten Potential Challengers For AEW Champion Jon Moxley

3 years ago by Tempest

7. PAC

PAC has taken some major losses as of late. He lost the number one contenders match to Moxley on the Jericho Cruise and he lost more recently to Kenny Omega in an Iron Man match. He did manage to defeat Orange Cassidy in a highly entertaining match at Revolution, which could get him back on the right track.

PAC has yet to receive a championship match in AEW despite big wins over Omega and Hangman Page in the past. Now seems like as good a time as any for his first title shot as he could challenge the man who he has to repay for beating him at sea.

6. Pentagon Jr.

Similar to his brother, Fenix, Pentagon Jr. would also make an appropriate first challenger for Moxley. Pentagon shares a similar problem where he has only competed in a small number of singles matches in AEW. This would take some work to get him in line for a title shot but once he is there Pentagon and Moxley should have a killer match.

Pentagon is oozing with charisma and has shown a willingness to compete in hardcore matches in the past. This would put him right up Moxley’s alley as the two could have a blow-away, violent affair.

5. Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega will be the AEW World Champion one day. To think otherwise would be foolish but the question ends up being when will he hold the gold? Omega had a bloody and violent feud with Moxley last year, which culminated with an infamous Lights Out match.

While he is currently one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions, Omega could reignite his rivalry with Moxley and have another memorable match. Omega remains a top-ranked singles competitor despite only having one singles match in 2020. This would lead one to believe it wouldn’t take long to establish Omega as the next challenger for Moxley, should AEW choose to go in that direction.

4. MJF

Perhaps the man in the best position to challenge Moxley is MJF. Coming off a high-profile win over Cody at Revolution, MJF is a logical choice to get a title shot. He has yet to be beaten in AEW and he could sure as hell promote a title match.

His program with Cody is far from over but he will need something to do before going back to his former mentor. A championship feud with Jon Moxley would be the biggest thing in MJF’s career to date and the smart money says he would continue to seize his opportunities.

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