WrestleTalk Roundtable – WWE Raw – December 3, 2018

What was your favourite moment from Raw?

Eric Stites

My favorite part of last night’s episode was the Drew, Dolph and Finn storyline throughout the night. I’ve been getting all this heel heat in the last few weeks, so it was very nice for a change to not only get a Dolph face turn but see him and Finn come out on top in the first segment.

And even though Drew did end up getting the better of Bálor at the end of the night, it does make me really look forward to their match at TLC. Even if Finn is going to lose.

Dylan Kapisky

“You can’t come to my birthday party, Dolph!” Thank you, Drew McIntyre, for being the ONLY good thing on this week’s Raw.

During a celebration in his honor, McIntyre cut a good promo about his accomplishments since returning to Monday nights. He claimed he was the only person in WWE who had ambition, and who wasn’t waiting for a handout. When Ziggler came out to point out the lack of Shawn Michaels impersonators in Drew’s hype package, the Scotsman stepped his performance up even more.

He admitted that teaming with Dolph was never about friendship, but simply a means to an end. It was about getting himself into a key role on Raw, and nothing more. This was a solid promo, and by officially betraying Ziggler, it set Drew up to be the top heel on the red brand… and then he lost… to Ziggler… why do we even try?

Nicholas Holicki

For the most part, I thought the opening moments of Raw were fairly effective. I still have no idea why Natalya and the Riott Squad are involved in this feud, nor what that mute goof Tamina’s role is. But there was some purpose behind this madness.

Heading into TLC in two weeks, WWE needed to establish Nia Jax as a legitimate threat to Ronda Rousey. Of course, she’s never going to take the title off the Raw Women’s Champion, not in a million years. But at the very least we need to believe that there’s a tiny chance that she could win. I mean, she obviously won’t, but – you get the point.

So having the ‘Irresistible Force’ decimate Rousey was a good decision. I just wish we had less chaos around ringside – I know, I can’t believe I’m saying about the Riott Squad either – and that the segment had ended with ‘Rowdy’ Ronda getting thrown through the table instead of Natalya. Jax needed to leave the champ laying, and unfortunately we didn’t quite get that. Despite not going far enough, it was a smart move and well executed angle.

6 years ago by Nicholas Holicki


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