WWE Raw LIVE COVERAGE – August 13, 2018 – WrestleTalk

WWE Raw LIVE COVERAGE – August 13, 2018 – WrestleTalk


And that wraps up the final episode of Raw before SummerSlam!

It was fine, I suppose. Not bad, but not all that great either, really.

I’m not a massive fan of Ambrose and in all honesty would have preferred something Jason Jordan related, but oh well. It’s nice to see him back.

Renee Young did a great job on commentary, though. Would love to see/hear her there again some point soon.

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And now I’m going to bed.


I must say, I’m a fan of Ambrose’s new haircut.

More importantly, the contract for SummerSlam is signed.

Dolph Ziggler with Drew McIntyre in his corner will defend the IC Championship against Seth Rollins, who will have a newly returned Dean Ambrose as backup.


It turns out that the “travel issues” Rollins was experiencing weren’t actually his own, but were actually those of…



After a fantastic promo from both Ziggler and McIntyre, the ‘Showoff’ signs the contract…

…and as I’m typing this, finally out comes Seth Rollins!

A bit anticlimactic really.


The IC Title contract signing is up next, I’m going to make a #MAD prediction and say that Jason Jordan’s gonna come out and sign the contract instead of Rollins.


After the usual Riott Squad shenanigans on the outside, Ruby Riott wins with a roll-up.

I’m not even going to pretend I care.

Seth Rollins still isn’t at the arena yet though.


Cole: “That’ll break her nose!”

Well it clearly didn’t.

Cole: “Sasha may have a broken hand!”

Well she clearly hasn’t.



Shut up you pillock.

Sasha v Ruby Riott up next.


The B-Team vs. The Revival for the Raw Tag Team Titles is announced for the SummerSlam pre-show, aswell as Rusev and Lana vs. Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega which was confirmed a couple of days ago.

We are also informed that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match between Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak will also take place on the pre-show. Very, very disappointed.


A video package is played celebrating the career of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart following the gutting news of his passing earlier today.


Bobby Roode pins Mojo with a Glorious DDT.

What on earth was the point of that?


A random 6-man tag team match has appeared after the commercial break.

It’s Bobby Roode and Titus Worldwide vs. Mojo Rawley and Authors of Pain, combining two of the HOTTEST FEUDS in recent memory.


Heyman hands Roman a sheet of paper, seemingly a contract to make Heyman his advocate.

Staying true to his ECW colors, Heyman then sprays Roman with pepper spray, blinding him.

Brock Lesnar then comes out to the ring and locks Reigns in a Guillotine submission hold, “putting him to sleep.”

Turns out it was all a ruse.

Jesus… I don’t know what to do, I’m not used to being right about these things.

I reckon Lesnar retains on Sunday though, possibly with a cash-in the following night on Raw. Let Twitter have a meltdown for 24 hours. Would be absolutely hilarious.

Oh… Brock’s back. He hits an F5 for good measure.


Paul Heyman comes out and praises the Usos, clearly trying to get on Reigns’ good side.

Heyman says that with him in Roman’s corner, the ‘Big Dog’ can beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

I still think this is all a ruse.



He gets a mixed reception, there seems to be a lot of cheers for him. Presumably from children.


The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Bray Wyatt, but it’s Wyatt and Axel who are the legal men.

Axel chucks Dawson out the ring and capitalises with the pinfall win to retain the titles for the B-Team.


Matt Hardy hits a superplex off the top rope on Scott Dawson to the outside, landing on all the other competitors.

Sparks a few “This is Awesome!” chants, which is nice.


We go to commercials. Not much has happened.

The Revival did hit a Hart Attack though, paying homage to the late, great Jim Neidhart following his sad passing earlier today.


The Revival get a jobber entrance. Deary me.

Also, the B-Team’s new theme is the best thing. The BEST thing. I will happily hash it out with anyone who disagrees.


It’s Raw Tag Team Title match time, as the B-Team defend in a Triple Threat match against former champions the Deleters of Worlds and the Revival.

Who do you think is going to come out on top in this one?

My guess is the B-Team. Because they’re the best.


Bobby Lashley does, in fact, kill Random Guitar Bloke.


Bobby Lashley interrupts Elias before he can start singing, he’s probably going to kill Random Guitar Bloke.


Some random bloke is stood in the ring with a guitar. He says he likes Elias.

Elias comes out onto the stage, advertises new $5 “What Would Elias Do?” bracelets on WWEShop.com.

Won’t be a minute guys, I’m just going to go and buy 87 of them.


Bobby Lashley up next. Oh boy! I cannot wait.

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Seth Rollins still isn’t at the arena to sign the contract for his IC Title match against Dolph Ziggler this Sunday.

Interesting stuff…

Sort of.


Braun chases after Owens post-match, leaving Bálor in the ring on his own to be attacked from behind by Corbin, who lands an End of Days to a chorus of “You Still Suck!” chants.


Yep that’s exactly what happened.

Braun pins Jinder.


I’m bored of Strowman now.


This has been pretty formulaic so far.

There have been a couple of cool moments, but it’s largely just been the heels dominating Bálor, presumably in preparation for a Strowman hot tag.


If there’s one good thing about this Braun/Owens program, it’s KO’s facial expressions whenever he sees Strowman anywhere near him.

I hope Owens wins the briefcase at SummerSlam. The man is gold.


Kevin Owens repeatedly shouting “Shanti!” on the apron is all I need in life.


I must admit, I’m not a fan of how Braun has been booked recently, but man, he is OVER with the crowd tonight.


The match is about to kick off, before Raw GM Kurt Angle comes onto the stage.

He announces that this match is now a tag team match, and Finn Bálor will in fact be partnered by…

…Braun Strowman.

Who could’ve seen that one coming?


The official theme song for SummerSlam is by Flo Rida.

It’s nice to see WWE giving up-and-coming artists an opportunity to promote their music.


Corbin then announces that Finn Bálor will in fact be in a Handicap match not a singles match, and will face Mahal and…

…Kevin Owens.

Watch out for a wild Braun Strowman.


Corbin wins with a BEAUTIFUL Deep Six.

It’s nice to see him ending matches with that move, because it deserves it.

The match itself was pretty fine.

Corbin then introduces Finn Bálor’s opponent tonight, the man who was WWE Champion for about half a year, Jinder Mahal.


There are now dueling “Let’s Go Corbin”/”Corbin Sucks” chants. What a world we live in.


Corbin has handpicked Tyler Breeze as his opponent tonight.

A massively underutilized talent, that will likely just be easily dispatched of by the Constable.

I’m hoping for at least a semi-competitive match.


Kurt Angle has a moan at Constable Baron Corbin like he does every week, before Ziggler and McIntyre remind Angle that Rollins isn’t yet at the arena.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam‘s contract signing is set to take place tonight. Rollins kinda needs to be there for that.

Constable Corbin is now making his entrance and will compete in singles action in the second match of the evening.


We see replays of what went down last week in regards to Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

A clip is then shown of footage that was cut from last week’s Heyman interview, but was later uploaded to YouTube, in which Heyman teases aligning with Heyman.

Personally I think this is all a ruse and Lesnar and Heyman are still on the same page.


In a match that was largely just rest holds and commercials, towards the end Fox got up on the apron, Rousey pulled her down and Alexa then threw Rousey into the barricade.

Ember tried to capitalize with an Eclipse, but Fox botched pulling her off Bliss during the pin so it all just looked a bit naff. The ref awarded Moon a DQ win anyway.

Then Rousey scared everyone away.


More commercials.

This really is scintillating stuff. (That’s sarcasm, it’s late, expect a lot of it.)

A beautiful baseball slide from Moon and the weirdest dropkick I’ve ever seen from Bliss is all that’s happened thus far.


About two minutes after we come back from commercial, we get a split screen video package for Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns.

“Women’s Evolution.”


Rousey kills the security personnel, and Fox puts up a better fight than all of them. Because of course she does. She’s crazy, remember. You can tell because she’s wearing a forest on her head.

We go to commercial break, but Bliss vs. Moon kicks off next!


Alexa Bliss comes out and cuts a promo on Rousey.

Why is Alicia Fox there and why is she wearing a forest on her head?

Bliss has hired personal security, presumably so Ronda doesn’t kill her. Again – why is Alicia Fox there?


Rousey emotionally pays tribute to Jim Neidhart, before vowing to defeat Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam to become Raw Women’s Champion.

The ‘Rowdy One’ also announces that instead of Natalya, it will be Ember Moon who will take on Bliss tonight.


Ronda Rousey opens the show, which makes a nice change. A large poppington for Rousey from the Greensboro crowd.

Ronda’s pal Natalya’s match vs. Alexa Bliss was cancelled due to the sad news of Jim Neidhart’s passing earlier today.


I am now watching tennis finish before the graps start, and to be honest, it’s more entertaining than Raw has been recently.


Yes, I am watching this in the UK.

Yes, I am insane.

Yes, I am really looking forward to Renee Young on commentary.

15 minutes to go, how exciting! Not very, unfortunately.


Good evening and welcome to WrestleTalk‘s Live Coverage of tonight’s WWE Raw, as we are now under a week away from SummerSlam 2018.

Make sure you join our Discord server to join in the conversation with fellow SWAFT Nation members and your favorite WrestleTalk personalities.

Before the show, check out our preview of tonight’s action, but here’s what we already know:

  • The B-Team will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships in a Triple Threat match against the Deleters of Worlds and the Revival
  • Renee Young will replace Jonathan Coachman on commentary (GET IN THERE)
  • Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler will sign the contract for their Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam – can’t see anything going wrong there…
  • Natalya’s match vs. Alexa Bliss has been cancelled due to the sad news of Natalya’s father Jim Neidhart’s passing earlier today
  • Constable Corbin and Finn Bálor will be in separate matches
  • Brock Lesnar may or may not turn up

What are you looking forward to tonight? Any bold predictions? Let us know on DiscordTwitter, or in the comments below.

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