4 WWE Backstage Problems Caused By The Bloodline

4 WWE Backstage Problems Caused By The Bloodline WWE

The Bloodline has been one of the best on-screen parts of WWE for years now, but how are things playing out off-screen, behind the scenes?

It might not all be as smooth as the final product would suggest – everything has its problems, and the Bloodline is no different.

Here are four WWE backstage issues involving the Bloodline.

4. Jacob Fatu Being Too Good

This is an actual thing.

Jacob Fatu is currently signed to WWE, and at one point was going to debut either recently or very soon, but the idea of doing that “cooled off”.

WrestleVotes reported just yesterday that there’s some concern about debuting Fatu because the whole plan is for Solo Sikoa to be the main Bloodline guy right now, but Fatu could end up outshining Sikoa.

WWE does need to be very careful how and when Fatu debuts, otherwise the whole thing could just become the Jacob Fatu Show –  which isn’t inherently a bad thing by the way, it’s just not what their plan is right now.

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3 weeks ago by Liam Winnard


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