Jeff Hardy’s License Suspended For 10 Years, More Punishments For DUI Revealed

Jeff Hardy’s License Suspended For 10 Years, More Punishments For DUI Revealed TMZ

AEW’s Jeff Hardy was arrested for a DUI in June 2022 with the subsequent court case having now come to an end.

Hardy was arrested at 9:54am on June 13 for three charges:

Violating Restrictions Placed on Driving License

Driving While License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked

DUI Alcohol/Drugs third offense within 10 years

Hardy’s two blood-alcohol tests after his arrest came in at 0.294 and 0.291. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08, which means Hardy was at 3.7 times the legal limit.

In a report from February 24, 2023, the Wrestling Observer revealed court records show that the case is now closed after Hardy submitted a written plea of “nolo contendere” to all charges.

“Nolo contendere” translates from Latin as “I do not wish to contend” and is a “plea of no contest” without entering a guilty plea or admitting one’s guilt.

According to the report:

“Hardy’s license will be suspended for the next decade and he will get 38 days credit for time served in county jail as part of his sentence.”

Per the report, the full sentence via Volusia County court records was:

A 38-day county jail sentence with 38 days credit for time served

Two years probation

$4586 in fines and court fees

A 10-year suspension of his license

Two years with an interlock device and 90-day vehicle impoundment

Court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program

Community service

The pre-trial was beset with postponements following his not guilty plea.  You can catch up on the past stories here.

It is also reported that, on February 21, Hardy’s attorney sought to suppress the breath tests results from the arrest, citing their unreliability.

The attorney claimed that the Intoxilyzer was not inspected by Florida Highway Patrol in the month before Hardy was tested, violating Florida Department of Law Enforcement rules that the equipment must be “inspected by an agency inspector at least once each calendar month.”

They would also claim that the equipment that was used exhibited “significant signs of unreliability” during tests and inspections yet was neither fixed or removed from use.

Hardy remains a member of the AEW roster though will only be able to return from suspension “upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety.”

We’ll continue to provide any further updates on the situation at this link.

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