AEW Star Would Love To Be A Player-Coach

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

AEW Star Would Love To Be A Player-Coach

AEW star and NWA Women’s World Champion Serena Deeb has revealed that she would love to not only be a wrestler for AEW, but a coach as well.

While speaking to Wrestling Steel Chair, the idea of coaching for AEW was brought up. This is where Deeb revealed that she has discussed it with Tony Khan and would love to do it. Here is the quote:

“Absolutely, that has been discussed, and it’s something that I feel great about. I love coaching, and I love helping. I’ve always thought, even in my time coaching at WWE, before this, it would be really cool and really powerful to take on a player-coach role where I’m able to wrestle and get in the ring, do that part of it while also helping out a little bit more behind the scenes and kind of helping scout for women that are out there that might not have been seen yet. I think taking on that role especially when independent shows start running again, pending the whole COVID situation.

I’m hoping that I can step into a little bit more of that player-coach role, and I can continue contributing in that way. To touch on your point, that is something that I’m really interested in doing, and I think the feeling is mutual from AEW. The women’s division is in a really amazing growth period right now, where the women are stepping up, and there are more women coming in, and there are hungry women who are working really hard to improve. I would love for my matches and my ring work to just help accelerate that process.”

Serena Deeb has been appearing for AEW since September when she wrestled Thunder Rosa on Dynamite. Since then she has won the NWA Women’s title, resulting in her defending the title on TV and at Full Gear.

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