Attorney Questions Brian Christopher’s Apparent Suicide

Attorney Questions Brian Christopher’s Apparent Suicide

On July 7, 2018, a car, driven by Brian Christopher, was allegedly observed speeding and swerving erratically. Reportedly, he initially refused to comply with instructions from police to pull his vehicle over.  Brian was incarcerated in the Hardeman County Jail on charges of DUI and evading arrest.

As a celebrity, Christopher was placed in a private cell for his protection.  Sadly, on Saturday, July 28, Brian Christopher Lawler was found hanging in his cell and was rushed to Regional One Hospital in Memphis.  The 46-year-old former tag champ died the following day.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is currently examining the circumstances of Christopher’s death.

Amid outcry from friends and family of Brian Christopher, Memphis TV station FOX13 reports that Jeff Rosenblum, a civil rights attorney, is calling for an independent investigation into the matter.  Rosenblum suggests that an organization not connected to state or local government should review the circumstances and explain how an inmate held in protective isolation, with no apparent indications of prior suicidal tendencies, could end up hanged in his cell without drawing attention.

Attorney Rosenblum has a history of bringing civil action against county and state-run jails and prisons. He’s filed over 40 such lawsuits and won several. Rosenblum contends that “Most suicides are preventable, and most suicides in confinement are and should be prevented.” He’s encouraging the Lawler family not to accept the prison’s explanation.  Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who was with his son when he passed at the hospital, says the TBI has asked him not to comment on the case while it’s still pending.

Heartfelt condolences go out from the wrestling world to the Lawler family.  Friends remember Brian fondly as a “larger than life” personality. Grandmaster Sexay was a presence that will definitely be missed, and not soon forgotten.

Is the state’s investigative unit the right group to draw the final conclusions on a jailhouse death, or should taxpayer money fund a private investigation?  Is the death of an inmate who was alone in a locked room a suspicious circumstance, or is it more likely a result of the same life issues that caused his substance abuse problems?

Often wrestling as just Brian Christopher, but mostly known to wrestling fans as Grandmaster Sexay, Christopher was a former WWF Tag Team Champion as part of Too Cool, with his partner Scott ‘Scotty 2 Hotty’ Garland.  Despite kayfabe paternal controversy, he was the real-life son of WWE Hall of Famer, and Memphis legend, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.


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