Backstage Note On Plans For Bron Breakker NXT Title Win On WWE Raw

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Backstage Note On Plans For Bron Breakker NXT Title Win On WWE Raw WWE

A backstage note has revealed whether or not Bron Breakker’s NXT Championship win on WWE Raw was a last minute decision.

In a rematch from Saturday’s NXT Stand & Deliver main event, Breakker finally defeated Dolph Ziggler for the gold on Monday’s show.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, it was pointed out that an NXT 2.0 ad, which noted that Ziggler had defeated Bron Breakker at Stand & Deliver, stated that NXT was ‘tonight’, indicating that the commercial and its contents were meant to be shared on Tuesday.

Discussing how the Raw NXT Title change came to be, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer said:

Alvarez: “I could not help but notice that they did this match, they had a new champion afterwards, and then about a half hour later they showed a commercial for NXT, which was all about how Dolph Ziggler had beaten Bron Breakker to retain the title this weekend.

“It’s also weird because they said, ‘Tonight’. They said, ‘Tonight, at 8, NXT’. It’s not tonight it’s tomorrow.

Meltzer: “So they put tomorrow’s commercial on early, and when they did the commercial, they didn’t know they were gonna do the title change.”

Alvarez: “I do know that they knew what they were doing around 11am (Monday) morning because I heard about this (title change).”

Meltzer: “With no other knowledge other than what WWE has shown, it would appear that is the case, that at the time they did the title change, and the time they filmed that video after the title change, they did not plan that they were gonna do the title change on Monday.”

The Stand & Deliver title match marked Breakker’s second ever singles loss on WWE TV.

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