Bobby Lashley Doesn’t Believe WWE Has Any ‘Serious Competition’

Bobby Lashley Doesn’t Believe WWE Has Any ‘Serious Competition’

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has stated that he doesn’t believe that WWE has any ‘serious competition’.

Speaking with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN, Lashley admitted that there is some competition out there, and that it’s a good time to be a wrestling fan and a wrestler.

Noting that fans like the fact that there are ‘other things’ happening in the wrestling world, Lashley said:

“I think it’s great right now. I think there’s a lot of competition. I think we’re doing some big things, and we’re moving into a big season for us, with some big news coming around. I think that it’s a good time to be a wrestling fan, and it’s a good time for a wrestler with a good time to step up for everyone.

“Everybody always says competition is good. I don’t think really we have any serious competition. But the fans like it, the fans like the fact that there are other things going on that forces us to step up.

I think myself and a lot of the other guys wish some of the other competition does step up because we’re ready. If you look at our roster, our roster is deep. We have something different. We have something special. There’s a couple of things with it. There’s one to have great wrestlers, and there’s another thing to have superstars. We’re chalk-loaded with both.

“We have guys that are just pure superstars, and you can take outside of our wrestling world will do other things, and they’re going to be superstars. And we have some guys that are in the dressing room that are just great wrestlers. We have a little bit of everything. I think everyone here is like, if we need to step up, we have all the talent to be able to do it.”

Bobby Lashley will represent the Red Brand in Raw vs SmackDown competition at Survivor Series, set to compete in the five-on-five elimination tag team bout.

Ahead of tonight’s show, John Cena has praised Randy Orton, who will pass an impressive WWE milestone during the pay-per-view.

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3 years ago by Sanchez Taylor


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