Booker T Comments On Mustafa Ali Requesting His WWE Release

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Booker T Comments On Mustafa Ali Requesting His WWE Release

WWE SmackDown star Mustafa Ali publicly requested his WWE release back on January 16, and it was reported later that WWE didn’t intend on granting his request, at least right now.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about Ali’s request on his Hall of Fame Podcast, where he said that it could be a good thing for Ali, as he believes that you get more respect when you speak your mind.

He said:

“Maybe that’s a good thing for Mustafa. I know sometimes you speak up and you’re ticked off about something and you’ll say anything, you know what I mean? Maybe time to cool down a little bit, maybe time to think about it a little bit. Maybe even have a real conversation, because sometimes I know you can get some respect when you speak your mind.”

Booker continued on, saying likening Ali’s situation to CM Punk prior to the Pipebomb, saying that Ali speaking up could lead to WWE ‘rethinking’ his character.

He added:

“I think Ali is talent. I think the character, like I said, that he pitched, that I saw was a good character that could perhaps been used. Maybe somebody has sat back and said, ‘let’s rethink this.’

“Do you remember how miserable CM Punk was before the pipebomb moment? Then all of a sudden, boom, rocket on him, send him straight to the moon. Am I right? Mustafa Ali could perhaps be in that same position. Sometimes you speak up and somebody listens and says, ‘well maybe he’s right.’ I think that’s what it takes sometimes. Sometimes it takes getting to that point where you really do not care anymore.”

Booker also spoke about WWE’s decision not to grant Ali’s request, saying that WWE can’t make any rash decisions on losing a talent the callibre of Ali.

He said:

“To lose a guy like that, you’ve really got to think about, sit back and think about it for a second. I am talking about it from the company’s perspective. They’ve got to sit back for a second and say, ‘wait a minute guys, what the hell? Let’s think about it for a second. Let’s not make some rash decision.’ That’s what I am talking about, this is business.”

transcription via WrestlingInc.

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