Botchamania: Botches Of The Week #18

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Botchamania: Botches Of The Week #18


1. Missed It By That Much

Lana lost to Vega again but for once it had nothing to do with Aiden English. Maybe if he’d been there he’d have been able to provide some assistance to Vega who was only able to reach the ropes for the Dirty Pin at the last second for the less-than-pretty pin-fall.


2. Blunder Bros.

The New Day vs. Bludgeon Bros. match at Summerslam was the equivalent to two clown cars playing chicken with one another. First Harper got bounced on his head, then Rowan bumped into the cameraman, somehow missed catching Xavier and injuring himself in the process before Xavier took a loose Boss Man slam to end the madness. Phew.


3. Charlotte Air

Charlotte busted out her ever-impressive twirling moonsault to the outside and managed to connect with Carmella.

Becky Lynch was so shocked by the athleticism that she fell over in amazement.


4. Miztake

The differences in styles between Miz and Bryan that kick-started their feud on Talking Smack is still apparent:

When Miz messes up, he makes a bulldog look a bit sloppy. When Bryan messes up, he breaks his spine in half.


5. Smoke Booze Every Day

Some people use Twitter to get through a long Raw session, some people get so carried away with their hatred for Roman Reigns that they end up starting fights with security.

For everyone else, there’s GIFs.


And Also:

Personally I thought this looked cool but the chair sliding onto Lesnar’s face like Paul Goldschmidt on fourth base has made a lot of people smile SO HERE IT IS YAY.

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