Bryan Danielson Explains Why He Doesn’t Wear His Merchandise On AEW TV

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Bryan Danielson Explains Why He Doesn’t Wear His Merchandise On AEW TV

Bryan Danielson has explained why he chooses to wear a plain white t-shirt for AEW shows, despite having merchandise on sale.

Following Bryan’s appearance at All Out, an ‘American Dragon’ themed shirt was released on AEWShop. Despite this, Bryan has sported a plain tee on recent editions of Dynamite.

Speaking with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Danielson explained that he doesn’t care about selling people his merch. Discussing the idea of simplicity, Danielson said:

“I’m really not interested in selling people things, my merch shirt or anything like that. The other idea, this is more of a general concept in my life as far as … if you try so hard to look a certain way, you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

“Steve Jobs just had like five black turtlenecks or something. He didn’t have to choose. I like the idea of simplicity. I like the idea of when people are watching it’s what I say, it’s what I do. It’s not necessarily, “Oh, man, that’s a cool T-shirt.” And hoping and believing that what I say and do is strong enough to keep people watching.”

At AEW Dynamite Grand Slam tonight, Danielson makes his in-ring debut against World Champion Kenny Omega. The former WWE Champion has revealed that it was his idea to face Omega so early in his AEW tenure.

Kenny Omega has recently noted that he’d love to face WWE Universal titleholder Roman Reigns to show fans a “real World Champion”.

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