Cody Rhodes Slams Wrestlers Who ‘Shame Fans’

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Cody Rhodes Slams Wrestlers Who ‘Shame Fans’ WWE

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter last night to share a rather simple message to wrestlers around the world as he recovers from his torn pectoral muscle.

A rather simple message, Rhodes raised a toast to wrestlers who ‘don’t have a victim complex’ and ‘hear and respect’ the audiences reaction, while also slamming those who shame fans.

He tweeted:

To wrestlers who don’t have a victim complex. The ones who hear/respect the audience cheer & boo, keep their chin up…realizing very few people can do what we do. The ones who put in the effort The ones who don’t try to shame the fans realizing without them, we ain’t sh!t

Rhodes is currently one of many top stars in wrestling who is out of action with an injury. For a full list of currently injured WWE stars, click here.

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