Daniel Bryan’s “Career-Altering” Announcement Was…

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Daniel Bryan’s “Career-Altering” Announcement Was…

Nothing. What a heel Daniel Bryan is.

It was teased in the build-up to last night’s episode of SmackDown Live that the former WWE Champion would be making a “career-altering” announcement.

Fans immediately began speculating as to what the announcement might be.

Would he announce a second retirement?

Would he turn face?

Would he be challenging for the WWE Championship?

Nope. It was none of those. In fact, it was nothing at all.

Daniel Bryan came out with Rowan after being offered a rematch for the SmackDown Live tag titles, but Bryan seemed dejected and left the stage several times before returning. Eventually, he simply dropped the mic without saying anything at all, and that was that.

Maybe the big announcement was that he has laryngitis and he’s lost his voice?

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