Dexter Lumis Jumps The Barricade During United States Championship Clash

Dexter Lumis Jumps The Barricade During United States Championship Clash WWE

Following his return on last week’s episode of Raw, WWE fans this week were looking out backstage for hints at Dexter Lumis’ presence on tonight’s show.

We provided ‘Dexter Lumis Watch’ earlier in the show, with his arm being spotted during the backstage brawl between Theory and Dolph Ziggler, as well as a trash can that was being extinguished as Drew McIntyre walked past on his way to the ring.

Lumis made his presence felt following AJ Styles’ match with The Miz on last week’s show, and we still don’t know which of the two he is after, as it was during the United States Championship match between Styles and Bobby Lashley that Dexter showed up this week.

The Miz and Ciampa came to ringside, with Ciampa distracting the referee, allowing Miz the chance to attack AJ on the outside. Before Miz could attack Styles, Lumis jumped the barricade before being tackled by WWE security before WWE cut to commercial.

Returning from the break, Dexter had been escorted out of the building.

Written by Connel Rumsey

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