Did Cody Rhodes Just Get Rid Of WWE’s PG Rating?

Did Cody Rhodes Just Get Rid Of WWE’s PG Rating? AEW

The news came out earlier today that the PG era of WWE Raw is officially over, with the show set to be rated TV-14 moving forward, starting with the July 18 episode of the show.

The show moved over to the PG rating back in 2008 in wake of the Chris Benoit incident the prior year, and has been rated PG ever since, with only a few exceptions.

Many have wondered what has sparked the sudden change in rating for WWE, and we may have been given a blatant hint.

Once the news of the ratings change hit, Cody Rhodes took to his Twitter to simply react with:


While of course this isn’t confirmation of anything, it sure seems as though Cody had something to do with the sudden ratings change of the show he will be set to appear on when he returns from his injury next year.

He became quite famous for bleeding during his AEW career, after all.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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