Eric Bischoff Says ‘Bret Hart Was Not A Main Event Draw In WWE’

2 years ago by Nate

Eric Bischoff Says ‘Bret Hart Was Not A Main Event Draw In WWE’

Bret Hart has widely been considered one of the greatest in-ring workers in wrestling history. He’s a multi-time champion across multiple companies. He’s a WWE Hall of Famer and a lot of people’s favorite wrestler.

Eric Bischoff was a wrestling promoter who had some major success going up against Vince McMahon with the backing of Ted Turner’s money. He’s been an on-screen character in WWE at times since the demise of WWE. Now, he does a podcast and occasionally appears on AEW when they do media bits on Dynamite.

There’s no hiding the fact that he and Bret Hart don’t see eye to eye. He’s what Bischoff had to say about Hart on a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast:

“He wanted to kill Vince McMahon when I started working with him. He hated Shawn Michaels, he hated Ric Flair, he hated everybody in WWE – probably not everybody but a lot of people. He was miserable; Vince McMahon was the anti-Christ – until he got to go into the Hall of Fame. Then it’s time to kiss and make up. Then Eric [Bischoff] was the anti-Christ then Hogan was the anti-Christ. He’s so obvious and look to this day I do respect Bret, many aspects of Bret Hart as a performer. I still think in the ring today, and I’ve said this before, I’m not going to change my opinion. Nothing will change my opinion; no-one will change my opinion. Bret Hart in my opinion is one of the best technical performers in his generation – not the biggest star. His drawing power in the WWE was well documented by anyone who wants to do the research in an objective way. He was not a main-event draw in WWE. That’s it, that’s a fact, it’s not my fault, I wasn’t there, I didn’t book him – it just didn’t work. He was the champion, he was the face of the company, and he was the least successful World Heavyweight Champion or at least one of in WWE history – which is a long freakin’ history. It is what it is. Bret Hart is that kind of guy who has to have somebody to hate in order to have something to talk about.”

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