New Evidence Of Imminent AEW Streaming Deal?

3 months ago by Andy Datson

New Evidence Of Imminent AEW Streaming Deal? AEW

It appears AEW could be planning to launch a streaming platform after fans noticed AEW DVDs had been pulled from its online store.

Until very recently, you could buy all the PPV DVDs at, but no more. Not only that, but the DVDs have also been pulled from Pro Wrestling Tees.

While this could simply be because no-one watches DVDs anymore, it’s made a lot of people wonder whether AEW is about to announce some kind of streaming platform, akin to the WWE Network.

While AEW has not commented on the removal of the DVDs, AEW President Tony Khan has said in the past that he is “trying to build up the library”, and now that he owns Ring of Honor, he has a lot of footage to put onto a potential platform.

If we hear anything more about a potential streaming platform for AEW, we will of course let you know as soon as possible.

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