Former WWE Employee Reveals He Secretly Attended AEW Show In A Lucha Mask

9 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Former WWE Employee Reveals He Secretly Attended AEW Show In A Lucha Mask WWE

WWE is yet to open up it’s Forbidden Door, so WWE employees are usually prohibited from attending events from other rival promotions, such as former WWE star Robbie McAllister famously being fired for being shown on camera during a TNA show.

However, former WWE employee Dan Ryckert had a work around, as he revealed to MinnMax that he actually attended two AEW shows last year while under a WWE contract, by hiding his identity.

He revealed:

“I was so passionate as a fan for AEW and taking it in and like, it was the most exciting time in the industry in twenty years. I went to Dynamite, in person, two weeks in a row. Once in Jersey at the Prudential Center and once at this big Grand Slam thing at Arthur Ashe Stadium and both times I wore a luchador mask. It’s like, I was given tickets to the event and I didn’t know where they were gonna be. Just in case they happen to be ringside and then somebody does a really crazy move and it cuts to the crowd and [there’s] WWE employee Dan Ryckert being like ‘Wow’. I wanted to avoid that, I bought a luchador mask and cut little glasses holes in the side and went to both shows. By the way, I went to the show at Arthur Ashe Stadium and the second I got out of the Uber somebody comes up and is like ‘Dan Ryckert, I love Giant Bomb!’. I have a giant obvious beard, this might not be working [even with] a COVID mask and a luchador mask.”

transcription via Fightful

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