Former WWE Star Was Told He ‘Had A Job For Life’ Just Before Release

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Former WWE Star Was Told He ‘Had A Job For Life’ Just Before Release

While his career with WWE wasn’t the longest, Rodney Mack spent around three years in total as a WWE superstar.

Mack, who is married to former WWE star Jazz, was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc, and he spoke about his release from the company in 2007.

Mack was actually released alongside Jazz, and he has revealed he was actually told by Stephanie McMahon just before his release that he and Jazz had “a job for life” in WWE.

“I have no idea, still to this day. Jazz and I both were told, I think it was by Stephanie. She pulled us to the side and said that we had a job for life. We were great to be around. We were the two most believable people on the roster. All that stuff. I think it was three weeks later or a month or something, not precise, that we got fired. In fact, I think it was right before my birthday.”

Unfortunately this seems to have become a theme with released WWE stars, but at least Mack wasn’t given the old “budget cuts” excuse like so many current stars were handed.

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