IMPACT Star Is Currently Working On Getting Psychology Degree

IMPACT Star Is Currently Working On Getting Psychology Degree IMPACT Wrestling

An IMPACT Wrestling star is currently working on getting a psychology degree for “down the road”.

Steve Maclin has come into IMPACT Wrestling and made huge strides in climbing the ranks with wins over former world champions in Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Jay White and Rich Swann. However, Maclin is also building his backup plan in case he needs one after his wrestling career is finished.

Speaking with Darren Paltrowitz, the IMPACT star revealed he’s working toward obtaining a psychology degree as a potential fallback plan after his career is over. Maclin said:

“Yeah, if you don’t have 100% of the business, then it’s — with the schedule that we do have, it’s very relaxed in IMPACT, which is nice.”

“I can do things on the outside. Right now, I’m finishing up my education. Getting a psychology degree like that’s for down the road, whether it is, but all my focus is on pro wrestling,”

“Even in this house, wrestling is on 24/7, or it’s talked about 24/7. [We talk about] stupid ideas. We’ll be randomly walking through the rooms and grab somebody and say, ‘Hey, what do you think of this? Can you do this? Or this?’ I don’t know. We’re weird.”

Maclin continued on to discuss why he and his wife Deonna Purrazzo care so deeply for the business, saying:

“That’s the one thing we do is we care. My wife [Deonna Purrazzo] as well. Just, we care deeply about making everything we do mean something. We want to put out the best match possible.”

“Whether we win or lose, we want the fans to enjoy what we do, and that’s the one thing I take to heart is [making fans] suspend that disbelief and make fans believe in what I’m doing out there.”

“Whether they know the outcome or not, or assume the outcome, I want to have those twists and turns where they don’t see something coming. That’s the fun part for me now to create that and try to change it.”

Transcription via Fightful

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