Ivelisse Claims That She Was ‘Right’ About Thunder Rosa

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Ivelisse Claims That She Was ‘Right’ About Thunder Rosa AEW

AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa has been the talking point of the wrestling world since Wednesday night, when she announced that she was out of action with an injury, removing herself from All Out, with a four-way to crown an interim AEW Women’s World Champion replacing her scheduled defence against Toni Storm.

The announcement of Rosa’s injury raised eyebrows to AEW fans, as reports had emerged of her having backstage issues in the company, namely with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

Since then, more sources have weighed in on the Thunder Rosa situation, with some noting that she had been nothing but nice to them, while others claimed she ‘berated’ them.

This isn’t the first problem with Rosa in AEW, as she was famously part of a match with Ivelisse on Dynamite back on September 16, 2020 which resulted in the two women ‘shooting’ on each other. Ivelisse departed AEW in April of 2021.

When one fan mentioned how Ivelisse ‘may have actually been right’ about Rosa following the pair’s issues, which date back to their days in Lucha Underground, Ivelisse responded:

I mean I WAS right about [Bill] Demott, (truth exposed 3yrs later) I don’t understand how tf it was conceivable that I wasn’t right about tr , AND IMA FEMALE VETERAN

Bill DeMott was formerly the head trainer of WWE before he was fired in 2015 following allegations of abuse and misconduct emerged, which Ivelisse was one of the first to bring to light.

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