Kofi Kingston And Xavier Woods React To Latest Vince McMahon Treachery

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Kofi Kingston And Xavier Woods React To Latest Vince McMahon Treachery

Vince McMahon did it again last night. We all thought that Kofi Kingston had finally booked his spot at WrestleMania after beating Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Eric Rowan, Seamus and Cesaro in a gauntlet match, but Vince wasn’t having it.

Coming out to congratulate Kofi, he informed the New Day man that he still had one opponent left, and that he still needed to defeat WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in order to qualify.

He lost.

He and Xavier Woods have now given their reactions to last night’s events on social media, and it’s fair to say they’re not very happy.


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What you see here is a physical manifestation of what we mean when we say “power of positivity”. It’s an emotion that you can feel, see, even touch. When you experience it coursing through your entire body there isn’t anything that you can do but smile. This moment, captured in this picture, embodies this emotion and we have shared it with all of you since we came together as The New Day…. But it seems as if Vince doesn’t appreciate the gravity of his actions. Ripping away @thetruekofi opportunity like that shows that he refuses to give loyalty to you when it’s given to him in abundance so I think it may be time that we find our way to someplace where we can rely on that extremely simple concept.

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