Kurt Angle Reenacts Historic Attitude Era Spot On SmackDown

Kurt Angle Reenacts Historic Attitude Era Spot On SmackDown WWE

Spoiler: It definitely involved a milk truck!

Kurt Angle went out to the ring alone to kick off his birthday celebration but was interrupted.

However after a brief time in the ring to address the fans in attendance, he was interrupted by Chad Gable and Otis.

While Gable was still upset about having been denied entry to the backstage festivities in honor of Angle’s birthday, he decided to crash the in-ring celebration.

After slinging a string of insults, Chad Gable kicked Kurt Angle out of the ring and informed him that Otis was going to eat his cake!

While Otis managed to snag a handful and report back to Gable that it was “so creamy,” these would prove to be grim last words given what was about to come.

Riding out on a milk truck accompanied by Gable Steveson, Kurt Angle returned to the ring to help provide refreshments for the heels to go with their sugary treat!

In true vintage form, there was a whole milk truck schtick that truly highlighted how delightful Otis is.

The clip is worth checking out for two things in particular: how voraciously Otis sells the assault of milk whether it bottled or via firehose and the sheer delight Michael Cole seems to be experiencing using as many milk puns as possible.

It was udderly delightful.

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