WWE Star Now The ‘Real’ Version Of Themselves Following Heel Turn

WWE Star Now The ‘Real’ Version Of Themselves Following Heel Turn WWE

Following his attack on Sami Zayn in Montreal on WWE Raw, Chad Gable wasn’t in any finer spirits on the April 22 episode.

Last night’s WWE Raw saw Gable take his frustrations out on Alpha Academy, slamming Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa before calling Otis the biggest disappointment.

The trio weren’t put off by his criticism though, standing behind their leader despite his harsh words as he declared that they would help him win the WWE Intercontinental Championship “no matter what”.

Footage from his “honest feedback” can be seen below this news story, with Gable commenting on his new attitude in a WWE Digital Exclusive that can also be seen below.

Gable still has his eyes on the WWE Intercontinental Championship and explained how long he’s been thinking differently, saying:

“Couple weeks? No, you’ve been seeing a different side of me for maybe the past four years, how about that? Okay?

“The side that I thought might get me somewhere in this place, might get me ahead to where I want to be. Well, now, all you’re seeing is the real Chad Gable.

“I just had to re-wire a little bit and get back to what I know best. So now you’re getting it, everybody. This is what you’ve been waiting for.”

He would also go on to reveal how the change will affect Alpha Academy, stating:

“This is what those three clowns need, too, is somebody to teach them how to do things properly for once.

“They better listen up, but at the end of the day, I’m doing this for them. This is what they asked for when they signed up for the Academy.

“So they’re gonna help me win my Intercontinental Championship, and they’re gonna be happy to do it.

“We’re gonna do it as a team. It’s gonna be a great moment. It’s gonna be a great celebration, and it’s gonna be because of the real Chad Gable.”

Having retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship on the April 15 episode of RAW, Sami Zayn has commented on Gable’s actions.

Gable attacked Zayn during his post-match celebration in Montreal in front of the champion’s own wife.

Reacting to what went down in front of his family, Zayn said Gable was “as low down and dirty as it gets.”

Transcript from Fightful.

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