WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 1, 2022

WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 1, 2022 WWE

It is WrestleMania weekend. That means WWE will be presenting WrestleMania SmackDown tonight. We’ll see what happens tonight, but the show should be a lot of fun.

  • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on WrestleMania SmackDown
  • Humberto and Angel to challenge Ricochet in Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Match
  • Don’t miss “Happy Talk” with a special guest – Drew McIntyre’s sword, Angela.


Happy Talk

We get a video package recapping the feud between Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin. Corbin talks about taking Drew’s sword. He makes a few ugly comments.

He then decides to make a joke. He asks what Drew’s sword and mom have in common. He says Drew lost them both. Oof. That was a low blow.

Of course, this brings out Drew. Drew grabs a chair. He tries to hammer Corbin with it. Corbin gets out. Drew destroys the set. We then get a preview of WrestleMania. See you for Mania where we will be covering all of WrestleMania weekend.

6-Man tag playa

We now have a 6-man tag match. Balor, Nakamura, and Boogs are on one side. On the other, we have The Usos and Austin Theory. McAfee is on fire on this one.

The crowd is chanting about Theory sucking. Meanwhile, Boogs gets his workout in using Theory as his dumbbell. Theory goes on the Boogs Cruise, but he kicks out.

This match was the typical 6-man tag. It had some nice chaos spots. However, the match was really about McAfee and Theory. Theory antagonized McAfee the whole time.

At one point, Balor hits a big dive. However, in the end, Theory gets the win. After the match, McAfee gets up on the apron, but Michael Cole stopped him from attacking and getting fired.

Up next, Happy Talk with Angela.

Nakamura and Boogs

We get another video package with Brock and Roman. They are wrestling at WrestleMania in case you’ve missed it. You know WWE has been very subtle about hyping it.

Meanwhile, Nakamura gets the Boogs intro. Pat McAfee is dancing on the table when Austin Theory jumps the barricade and knocks him down. McAfee chases him to the back and kicks the door down to McMahon’s office where Vince walks out. He mumbles something about firing him and we cut back to the ring.

Boogs is going to fight one of the Usos tonight. It’s Jimmy. Boogs does an impressive move where he curls Jimmy 10 times before slamming him.

Somewhere in this match, Austin Theory comes back out and bugs McAfee. Michael Cole stops Pat from going after him. For some reason, Finn Balor comes out and attacks him. Balor flings him in the ring and the ref calls the match off.

We head to commercial break.

Charlotte and Rousey

Another video package. This time we get to see Ronda Rousey training. Hey…Shayna Baszler got some tv time. She was sparring with Rousey. Rousey promises to either make her tap or rip her arm off.

We then get a video package about Charlotte. Everyone calls her the greatest. Lots of replays of Charlotte and Rousey talking.

We have to hype Mania tonight. So, in addition to a 10 minute video, we also get a Flair promo. Flair says all the women want to be her and the men want her. If you say so, Charlotte. That will be a good match tomorrow night.

Backstage, Moss and Corbin are goofing off with Angela, the sword.



Tag Team Title Preview

Quick. Name the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. If you did it fast, you are better than me. Every week, I forget who the champs are. In this case, Carmella and Zelina Vega will be defending their titles on Sunday.

Tonight, they face Sasha Banks and Naomi. If history is any indicator, the champs will probably lose this one.

Yep. Naomi and Sasha Banks get the win in a fairly short match. Not a lot to say about this one. Naomi and Banks looked pretty good. Wrestling logic says they get the win here, but don’t get the win this weekend. My money is on Ripley and Morgan.

PS. Why is Carmella still wearing that stupid mask?

Recap of Austin and Owens

We’re getting a replay of the feud between Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin. While I’ve enjoyed Kevin Owens in this story, I’m not sure that a talk show segment needs this much hype.

Although, I guess it will really just be a bit of a fight. Kevin Owens is definitely going to get a Stunner in this scenario. He’ll probably get the ole’ double bird butt whooping too. Either way, we got a very long video package about the story.


The Intercontinental Championship

Ricochet defends his Intercontinental Championship against Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza. Again, the IC title is not being defended at Mania. As an old school fan since the 80s, this hurts me.

After the Kiss Cam intro, Garza and Humberto double team Ricochet. The 2 on 1 beatdown continues through the first commercial break. Ricochet almost sneaks a win, but this leads to Humberto trying to roll up Angel.

The duo argues in the ring. This allows Ricochet to get back in it. He takes out both guys with some dives and such. He eventually gets Humberto out on the floor. Ricochet starts to go to the top and Angel is set up for the 630. Humberto stops the finisher.

Ricochet tosses Humberto onto Angel. He hits the 630 and a Recoil. Ricochet retains his title in an entertaining match. That was a fun match, but again, the Intercontinental Title deserves a real feud.

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal

I can’t believe WWE can’t find a spot in two nights of WrestleMania to have their United States Champion have a match. Finn Balor is in the battle royal. Dolph Ziggler is too. He will hang off the ropes about a million times in this one.

First eliminated is Akira Tozawa. Out next is Reggie. Third out. R-Truth. The entire 24/7 division is gone now.

Jinder Mahal is out next.  Sadly, T-Bar is also gone.

Drew Gulak is eliminated. For some reason, Pat McAfee said Gulak was his pick. Baron Corbin comes down to the ring. He almost got Madcap Moss eliminated twice. Tommaso Ciampa is trying to get Moss over the top rope.

Cedric Alexander is eliminated by Apollo Crews. Shelton Benjamin tried to eliminate Crews, but Commander Azeez takes him out. Mansoor gone. Crews gone. Viking Raiders gone. This one is going fast.

We get the obligatory big man spot. Shanky and Azeez square off. The rest of the guys team up to get him out.

Now, we’re down to business. Ciampa, Ziggler, Roode, Priest, Balor, and Moss are left. Priest is the next to go. Ciampa is eliminated by the Dirty Dawgs.

The final four are Moss, Ziggler, Roode, and Balor. The Dirty Dawgs try to eliminate Balor. Moss runs up and tries to toss all 3 out. Balor hangs on. He’s back in. He goes for few moves, but Moss reverses the last attempt and tossed him out.

Madcap Moss is the winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. After the match, Moss gives a speech about how he did it all by himself. He says Andre was beloved by everyone just like him. He then makes a terrible joke about Cattle and Texas.

Well, one match down. A 20 man battle royal done in 15 minutes. They could have done a lot more with that one.

Is it a triple threat or a handicap match?

2 years ago by Nate


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