WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 20, 2022

WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 20, 2022 WWE

Welcome to WrestleTalk’s live coverage of WWE SmackDown. As always, Friday Night will certainly feature a heavy dose of The Bloodline. Will the tag team titles be unified tonight?

Here is the full card:

  • RK-Bro and The Usos set for Winner Take All Title Unification clash
  • Shinsuke Nakamura looks to overthrow the “locker room leader” Sami Zayn
  • Xavier Woods set for fight night with Butch

The Tag Title Unification Match...finally

This match was what folks tuned in for. Sadly, it felt like forever to get here. The show hasn’t been bad, but the rest of the show was far less high stakes.

Oh no, during the match, Riddle takes a really hard whip into the corner. It looks like he got whiplashed. The ref does the hand check thingy and Riddle doesn’t grab his hand back. Riddle looks to be hurt. The ref throws up the x and the medical team is in to check on Riddle.

Whatever happened during the break, Riddle appears to be at least good enough to finish the match. Riddle is back in the ring and hits the pump knee before tagging in Orton.

Orton’s hot tag is incredible. He hits Snap Powerslams. He hits a draping DDT. He hits an RKO and Jey Uso barely breaks up the pin on Jimmy Uso. He drags his brother to the corner and tags himself in. Orton’s out.

Riddle unleashes forearms on everyone. Jey Uso hits the Pop-up Neckbreaker. 2-Count!!!

Boo!!! The Usos are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. I boo because Roman Reigns cheated to win. I just wanted a clean finish. Riddle and Jey Uso were perched on the top rope. Riddle was going for a Super RKO. As he leaped off, Roman held Jey Uso and Riddle landed on his own. Jey Uso hits the Uso Splash.

After the match, Riddle is attacked by Roman. The Usos take out Orton. They set up Riddle on the announcer’s table. Jey Uso hits another Uso Splash on Riddle on the table. Roman locks everyone in the Guillotine. Kids in the crowd are crying. Some guy looks bored. Another kid crying.

It looks like Riddle and Orton will want to get revenge on The Bloodline. How will this move forward?

Cole is disappointed

Michael Cole says Naomi and Sasha Banks disappointed everyone on Monday. He said they let down millions and millions of fans by walking out of what was supposed to be a 6-man tag match. Cole continued to say they laid down their belts on the desk of the head of talent relations. As such, there will be a future tournament to decide new champions. Well, that was awkward.

Xavier Woods also has declared he has had enough of the 3 on 2 shenanigans. So, next week, he has a 3rd guy and there will be a 6-man tag match. He promises they won’t like who it is.  It has to be Drew McIntyre, right?


When I was a kid, I watched WWE bring out the One Man Gang as Akeem the African Dream, Big Bubba as The Big Bossman, Hillbilly Jim, The Million Dollar Man, and a slew of odd characters each and every week. Now, as an adult, I watch Happy Corbin, Butch, Max Dupri, and Madcap Moss. I guess the choice of odd over the top characters isn’t new, but I’m just old and cranky. I miss Pete Dunne.

Butch of The Brawling Brutes is wrestling Xavier Woods of The New Day. Butch is wrestling a very methodical, aggressive style of offense. Give Butch credit. He’s not phoning it in. He’s giving this gimmick his full effort. Unfortunately, he keeps losing to Xavier Woods.

Woods hit The Backwoods Roll-Up for the win. Butch had unleashed a slew of elbows after drilling a forearm face. It is hilarious to me that Woods has named a roll-up as his finish.

Raquel Rodriguez is in action

Before the next segment, RK-Bro cut a pretty typical RK-Bro. They are certainly trying to get over the RK-Bro 4:20 says we smoked your *ss.

We get the recap of Raquel against Rousey. Shotzi and Aliyah are watching backstage. Aliyah is mad because Shotzi locked her in the locker room and prevented from her answering the open challenge. Shotzi is talking trash, but Raquel walks up. Shotzi calls her an absurd Amazon. They’ll be fighting next.

Shotzi keeps on the attack, but Raquel’s power is just too much. She overpowers her at every turn. Hurricanrana attempt. Raquel stops her and slams her. She hits an impressive fall-away slam. She hits a nice top rope move. She hits the one-arm power slam for the win. For some odd reason, during the match, the camera cut to a crew of people watching backstage. Angel Garza was a big fan.


The Ring General

Poor Drew Gulak. He’s facing Gunther again. Ludwig Kaiser introduces Gunther. Gunther is very impressive. I think this entrance is really nice, but I wonder if just his music wouldn’t be more intimidating.

Well, that was short. Gulak gets destroyed. Gunther gets the win. Ol’ Drew’s going to be icing his chest.

After the match, he puts Gulak in a Boston Crab. He won’t release it until Ricochet comes down to the ring. I guess we know who the next Intercontinental Champion is. I’m here for that.

Oh geez. It’s LA Knight. NOPE. It’s Max Du…PRI. These names just get worse and worse. His name is Shawn Ricker. He was once Slate Randall. Then he was Eli Drake. Then he was LA Knight. Pick one of those. They get worse every time. Max Dupri. He’s here with his male models: Maximum Male Models. They can headline a runway in Paris and Wrestlemania. This is going to bomb.


Happy Talk

The only person who’s happy when this dude is talking is himself. Happy Corbin is here to host an installment of Happy Talk.

He talks about ridding the WWE of Madcap Moss last week when he dropped the Andre the Giant Trophy on a chair over Moss’s throat. Corbin has taken the trophy as a trophy to remember his violent attack. He says he was fined. Corbin shows the replay twice.

Corbin says this is a message to tell people to respect their boss. He says he paid for all of the nice things Moss has enjoyed. Apparently, you don’t do that.

This feud has seemingly gone on forever and will be continuing. After the promo, Corbin destroys the trophy and holds up the Andre bust.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn

Backstage, Sami Zayn is watching Roman’s promo. He is fired up and reacting as though he’s a member of The Bloodline. He’s wearing his Bloodline shirt and all.

Shinsuke makes his entrance as The Bloodline makes their exit. Nakamura does a little head fake as the crew passes by.

Nakamura comes out very, very aggressive. He stays on the attack for a large part of the match early on. He goes to the top rope, but Sami Zayn pushes him off. Nakamura lands hard on the back of his neck on the apron.

Nakamura hit a Kinshasa Knee Strike to the back of the head of Zayn from the middle turnbuckle. He makes the pin, but only a two count. Sami fights back and tries to get Nakamura counted out. Nakamura returns the favor and Sami barely makes it back in. When he does get back in, he immediately meets a Kinshasa. Nakamura wins.

I feel like we’ve seen these two guys face off a million times in the last year or so. However, tonight’s match was good and added a bit of a new wrinkle. Sami’s new finisher of the count out is pretty funny.

We get another Uso hype package. There is a large amount of hype being built to this main event. Everything I know about WWE and it’s booking history tells me there will be a screwy finish. However, I still grew up in an era where you didn’t hype a match like this if you weren’t sending the crowd home with some kind of decision. So, I feel like The Usos should be winning. But, it is WWE. So, we are getting a screwy finish.

The Bloodline

The longest entrance in the history of WWE is Roman Reigns on SmackDown. He takes forever to come to the ring. On the positive side, it gives WWE time to do the recap package instead of having the guy in the ring introduce them awkwardly.

Roman Reigns wants the crowd to acknowledge him. He also wants them to acknowledge The Usos. Paul Heyman says tonight is the biggest night in tag team wrestling because we’re going to get the unification of the titles. Heyman runs down all the best stars in the history of wrestling, including the Rock. He says they aren’t as good as Roman.

After this, he says The Usos will be the greatest tag team in history. He says they’ll even be better than Afa and Sika. To do this they have to beat RK-Bro. If they don’t win, they are kicked off the Island of Relevancy. Heyman says The Usos are going to win. He uses the spoiler line. He usually saves that for when he means it. It’s very rare that he misses on the spoiler line.

Roman grabs the mic and addresses them directly. He says he expects them to win and gives them a hug of love. Well, that was pretty darn good. Heyman was in Heyman form. He brought it.

Ready for WWE SmackDown?

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