Major WWE Star Wants To Appear For Another Promotion

2 years ago by Tempest

Major WWE Star Wants To Appear For Another Promotion

WWE typically does not play well with others. The number of times that their stars have been permitted to appear for other companies, especially major companies, in recent years has been limited at best. However, Daniel Bryan is hoping that he can one day appear for Mexican promotion CMLL.

While speaking to the Spanish language press, Bryan said one of his dreams is to be on a CMLL Anniversario show. He said he hopes WWE would allow him to do it, indicating that he is not looking to leave the company.

This news was met with a mixed response from lucha libre fans. A number of fans have pointed out that CMLL is not the promotion that it used to be as their handling of top-level outside stars has been poor in recent years. Here is an example:

Daniel Bryan has been speaking openly about wanting to wind his career down in the near future. He has said he wants to focus on being a full-time dad and a part-time wrestler. If he plans to retire in the next few years he would only have so much time to make his goal of appearing for CMLL a reality.

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