Malakai Black Filming ‘Throwing Hands’ Martial Arts Show For Hayabusa

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Malakai Black Filming ‘Throwing Hands’ Martial Arts Show For Hayabusa

AEW’s Malakai Black has revealed that he has been filming ‘Throwing Hands’, a martial arts themed show for Hayabusa.

Speaking on Casual Conversations, Black spoke about his passion for martial arts. The AEW star revealed that he is filming a show for Hayabusa, in which he’ll discuss the influence martial arts had on his pro wrestling career.

Also revealing that CM Punk will feature on the show, Black said:

“I started filming a show for Hayabusa, which is coming out soon, it’s called Throwing Hands. It’s basically me with friends with CM Punk and we talk about how mixed martial arts, or martial arts in general, influenced him in his road to being a professional wrestler. There are so many people who have the exact same journey as me. For me to be able to talk to these guys about their journey in martial arts and tying it into professional wrestling. Everyone has their own story the same way I did.”

Black officially announced a sponsorship deal with Hayabusa in June, following his WWE release.

The AEW star was most recently in action during Wednesday’s Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite. On the show, Black defeated Griff Garrison in singles action.

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