Matt Riddle Reflects On His WWE Release

Matt Riddle Reflects On His WWE Release WWE

Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle has reflected on his WWE release.

On September 22, Matt Riddle was released from WWE after five years with the company.

The former Raw and NXT Tag Team Champion had been off WWE programming after he accused an officer at JFK airport of sexual harassment in an Instagram post that he deleted on September 10.

According to reports, Port Authority officers got a call for a disorderly person who was deplaning and was revealed to be Matt Riddle as they met him at the terminal. An internal investigation was launched at that time.

Speaking to Ryan Gaydos of Fox News, Riddle was asked if he had any hard feelings towards WWE following his release. He answered:

“For me, at the WWE, not at all,”

“I loved every second of it. I was a multiple-time tag-team champion with Randy [Orton], I was an NXT tag-team champion, I won the Dusty Cup Classic, I beat Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship, I wrestled multiple WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles.”

“No, I have no hard feelings. And I would just say, with WWE, they run a ship, they run it a certain way, and when you work for WWE, everything you do is under a magnifying glass.”

“It doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong, if you did something right, if it was in between, it’s perception.”

“And the WWE, unfortunately, if a situation happens, and they don’t like the perception, they make their decision.”

“But I’m not going to argue with them. That’s their company. I don’t run it. I just worked there. I’m thankful that they gave me the time that they did and that’s all I can say.”

Riddle continued on to reflect on the way WWE is when it comes to business, saying:

“I have zero hard feelings. I don’t know if I can say that for them.”

“They might have some hard feelings, but I feel like they’re pretty professional. They’re more about that paper, that money.”

“So, I don’t think there’s any hard feelings. I mean, they did have to pay me for three months when I didn’t work. That was on them. They fired me.”

Matt Riddle is set to wrestle his first match since his WWE release when he faces Jacob Fatu this Saturday, January 6 at MLW Kings of Colosseum.

Riddle made his New Japan debut via a video challenging Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW World TV Championship at New Year’s Dash, which you can read here.

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