Miro Questions Wardlow Beyond The Powerbomb: ‘What’s Your Second Move?’

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Miro Questions Wardlow Beyond The Powerbomb: ‘What’s Your Second Move?’ AEW

In a new interview, Miro gave the quote of a lifetime when he discusses Samoa Joe but he also had shocking sentiments for fellow AEW star, Wardlow.

Miro told SP3, Sat Niangi and Alex McCarthy for TalkSPORT that he looks forward to tangling with Samoa Joe in AEW.

When discussing who he hoped to face in the future in AEW, Miro said:

“I respect [Samoa] Joe, a lot. He’s such a legit ass-kicker that I would love to face him and have that classic, put that meat to work.”

Miro also shared his thoughts about another popular AEW star, Wardlow, saying that while he may be big and strong, he has yet to have the opportunity to display consistency, saying:

“Wardlow is the young guy of the group. He’s got a lot more to learn. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s got the audience behind him, but there is a difference between being on the road for 10, 12, 15 years and doing it consistently.

“He’s got the powerbomb symphony or whatever you call it, but once you test yourself against one of these big guys like me or Joe, who you have a hard time to pick up for one of your powerbombs, then plans change, my friend. What’s your second move? What’s your third move? That’s where the challenge for him is going to come.”

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