New Video Surfaces Of Triple H Speech To NXT Stars After USA Network Debut

New Video Surfaces Of Triple H Speech To NXT Stars After USA Network Debut WWE

A new video has surfaced of Triple H’s congratulatory speech to the NXT talent after the USA Network debut back in 2019.

Dan Vollmayer released a video of Triple H encouraging the NXT stars to keep the momentum going as they continued to produce the live show every week.

Triple H said:

“This was an epic night. There are certain moments in this where the game changes for me. I said it in interviews that the first time I backed up and thought, oh, this is moving too fast, was the time we went to San Jose for the first time. First time outside of Florida and we sold it out in a couple of minutes, and we put on a show there that, still to this day, was the craziest thing I’ve ever been a part of. It was like being inside of a riot.

“Right after that, Vince looked at me and says, ‘We’re going to Barclays Center [in Brooklyn, New York.’ And I said, ‘No, it’s the Barclays Center.’ And it got pushed on me, and I was backed up and hesitant to do it. We put it on sale and it sold out immediately, and that was the last time I doubted anything this brand can do. It changed my vision and it made me think bigger, it made me think bigger for every one of you.”

“It’s going to change the perception people have of you when you walk down the street when they see you. You’re now stars, you’re now Superstars, you’re now WWE Superstars. And the reason we say that and don’t say ‘pro wrestler’ is not because that’s a bad word. It’s what we do, we’re damn proud of it. It’s the art form, it’s what we all do, what we all love, what we all fell in love with, and it’s why we’re here.

“But the truth is, only a few people in the world get to be WWE Superstars. Only a few people get to play that long game and get to strive to be something more. A lot of people like to say they were something, not many people can say they were that. You can say you played football, you can’t say you played in the NFL.”

NXT started on the USA Network on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET, going head-to-head with AEW Dynamite in the Wednesday Night Wars.

In April 2021, WWE NXT moved to Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on the USA Network. Then, in September 2021, the brand was rebranded to NXT 2.0 with several new stars debuting, a more colorful new logo and set.

Triple H acted as the head of creative for the brand until his cardiac event in August 2021. Shawn Michaels then took over his duties.


For the full results of last night’s WWE NXT 2.0, click here.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.

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