Pat McAfee Explains Why He Didn’t Return In Royal Rumble Match

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Pat McAfee Explains Why He Didn’t Return In Royal Rumble Match WWE

Pat McAfee has become a beloved member of the WWE family since he was first added to commentary alongside Michael Cole back in June of 2021.

McAfee is a busy man however, and recently took a step back from the desk on Friday nights to host ESPN’s College GameDay, which recently wrapped up.

CollegeGame Day wrapping up for the season opened the door for McAfee to return to the company, which he did at the start of last weekend’s Royal Rumble premium live event.

On the latest episode of the Pat McAfee Show, Pat spoke about his time off to host College GameDay, and credited a lot of it to WWE CEO Nick Khan.

He said:

“Me and Nick got to know each other really at the end of his run with CAA, before his run at the WWE, but quickly. Whenever I talked about ‘GameDay,’ he got it, he understood it and I think it was a little bit better. I appreciate Nick Khan for everything he’s done for me, and for that.

“They said immediately, Hunter, Nick, and Stephanie at the time said, ‘Rumble, that’s like a perfect time to come back and that’s when people come back. It’s after college football season.’ And I was like, ‘Perfect, I actually need something to keep me in shape.'”

While McAfee did return at the start of the show, many people, those in WWE included, were expecting McAfee to appear in the match itself, which he ended up not doing.

Pat spoke about being in the match, noting that he could have done it, but he didn’t want to take that spot away from anyone else.

He said:

“I think I could’ve but I don’t want to disrespect anybody.

“There were only 29 guys that came out. There was only so many spots and when you’re in there, there’s a lot of danger, a lot of sh** that can happen.”

It has not yet been revealed what the future will be for Wade Barrett, who filled in for McAfee on SmackDown during his absence, now that McAfee is back in the fold.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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