Pat McAfee Reacts To Adam Cole AEW Debut

9 months ago by Liam Winnard

Pat McAfee Reacts To Adam Cole AEW Debut

WWE SmackDown announcer Pat McAfee has reacted to former NXT Champion Adam Cole debuting for AEW at All Out this past Sunday.

McAfee and Cole had one of the biggest feuds of 2020 in NXT, and it seems that McAfee hasn’t forgotten about that.

Speaking on the latest Pat McAfee Show, he said:

“You know, he’s a piece of s**t, that guy. I mean congrats to him and that is a pretty big deal, but f**k that guy. I can’t take this guy. You know dude, like he’s a terrible scumbag asshole. Can’t say it enough, proved it again last night. Just can’t help it, it oozes from his body. You stand too close to him for too long he’s like… when I had to, for 20-something minutes, first time, no crowd, no big deal. When I went out there, you’re worried that the scum is gonna osmosis through.

“That was a pretty f**king big moment. Now, with that being said, what a terrible guy, congrats though. It was really f**king cool to see, and it was great to hear (does the ‘Adam Cole Bay Bay’ pose), that f**ker was loud.”

McAfee made his NXT debut against Cole at NXT TakeOver 30, which was won by Cole, and then at TakeOver WarGames, Cole led the Undisputed Era to victory against McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in a WarGames match.

Obviously the animosity isn’t legit and McAfee’s just playing around with the insults.

McAfee is set to return to SmackDown commentary this coming Friday at Madison Square Garden after missing the last two episodes due to COVID-19.

Quote via Ringside News

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