Randy Orton Gives Update On WWE Future

Randy Orton Gives Update On WWE Future WWE

Randy Orton has given an update on his WWE future, revealing how long he plans to be on the road full-time.

Randy made his return to WWE back at Survivor Series in 2023 in Chicago, where he was the final member of team Cody Rhodes against the Judgment Day.

Orton had been out of action for a year and a half due to a back injury he suffered in June 2022.

Speaking to Adam’s Apple, Orton discussed his continued presence on WWE television since his return, and how long he plans to stay on the road.

He said:

“If you would have asked me two years ago, I would have thought I was close to the end because I had spinal fusion about a year and a half ago. That changed the game. I had been in pain through my entire 30’s and was hurting. I was begging for time off when I was 35. I think Vince’s [Vince McMahon] quote to me was, ‘Mother nature gets us all.’ That’s hard to hear when you’re 35 and your back hurts and you’re busting your ass for this company. There have been some changes.

“Now, I think instead of pushing the guys and running their dicks into the ground until they fall apart, there is a great atmosphere of ‘how can we make this guy last?’ The beauty of it is, I’m not even there yet. I feel so great after my surgery. I’m a full-time guy. I don’t want to do the old Undertaker or Shawn Michaels schedule, which they needed to do, understandably, but wrestling at WrestleMania, take the summer off, maybe you see them at SummerSlam. I want to be on the road every week. I want to make all the TVs, I want to be on all the PLEs.

“At 44, I would love to be able to go until my 50’s. Maybe I wrestle until I’m 50 and call it. That’s 30 years. 30 years with the same company, on top. It feels like now is the perfect environment for me to thrive. If I do need to take a week off because I am getting up there, I get it. There have been twice since I’ve been back where I was like, ‘Hey Hunter, can I take a week to recover so I can be 100% for the following week?’ ‘Sure, as long as you communicate that to me, no problem.’ Having that in my back pocket is real peace of mind knowing that if I need a week, they’ll give it to me.”

transcription via Fightful

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