Raw Faction Set To Split?

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Raw Faction Set To Split?

Factions are few and far between on WWE TV these days, with the company seemingly desperate to break them up as soon as they are formed. One of the exceptions to this rule is the Riott Squad on Raw, but could that be about to change?

A source had told us that they work with the person who originally recorded Sarah Logan’s entrance music when she was a singles star back in NXT, but that since forming the Riott Squad on, he has received no royalties.

However, he has just been contacted by WWE who have told him that the music is set to be used again, and would therefore be receiving royalties.


If this is the case, it could suggest that Logan will soon have had enough of smearing mustard on doors or pushing over chairs on Raw and could be breaking away from Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Whether this means the whole faction will disband is not clear.

This comes as a surprise, as you would have thought of all the Riott Squad members, Ruby Riott was the most obvious choice as a singles star. This could still be the case of course, as a Sarah Logan split could see the end of the entire faction.

Well, at least there’s still Lucha House Party…

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