Released AEW Star Breaks Silence Following Confirmed Return

Released AEW Star Breaks Silence Following Confirmed Return AEW

Released AEW and ROH star Anthony Henry has broken his silence following Tony Khan confirming his return to the company.

On April 1, All Elite Wrestling released 10 stars from their contracts in the company’s first slate of budget cuts, which included The Workhorsemen’s Anthony Henry.

Henry has worked with AEW since 2021 after he was released from his WWE contract, making appearances on both AEW and ROH programming since then.

His release came as a surprise due to him suffering a broken jaw injury on an independent show which was booked through AEW against another fellow AEW star, Bryan Keith.

When asked about the releases on the ROH Supercard of Honor media call, Tony Khan noted that he has since come to an agreement with Henry, and Henry will be back in AEW and ROH after he has healed up from his injury.

In response, Anthony Henry took to social media to post a gif of himself and his Workhorsemen tag team partner JD Drake and comment on his confirmed return to the promotion. The caption reads:

We’re so back! #workhorsemen #AEW #ROH

In a thread, Henry shared more of his thoughts and feelings about re-signing with All Elite Wrestling. He wrote:

What a week! Obviously, I was not happy with what happened earlier in the week. However, I am estatic about being back! I believe in the locker room at AEW and cannot wait to be back in action.


To those who voiced their support for me this week: thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never knew that what I do impacted so many. I’ve never had anyone rally behind me like that. It is an unreal feeling. I love you all. See you soon!

#punchinknockout #workhorsemen

WrestleTalk would like to send our congratulations to Anthony Henry on re-signing with AEW.

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