Revealed: Post-Retirement Text Ric Flair Sent The Undertaker

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Revealed: Post-Retirement Text Ric Flair Sent The Undertaker

As of right now, The Undertaker is keeping to his latest retirement, and while many fans still believe he’ll be convinced to have another match in the future, he seems for the time being at least, to be actually retired.

Speaking in an interview with Wrestling Inc, Ric Flair revealed that he texted ‘Taker following his retirement at Survivor Series 2020, and he gave Wrestling Inc permission to share it.

“Happy Thanksgiving Champ!! Thank you for carrying this business and setting the bar of greatness! The bar we all strived to reach and very few have even gotten close to! Then, now and forever you are ‘The Champ’!! So proud to call you my friend.”

I’m sure I’ll get a similar text from Ric Flair when I retire.

The topic of the Undertaker was raised when Flair was asked about the recent Last Ride documentary which focused on ‘Taker’s final years in WWE. Flair famously had a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 18, a match Flair described as “a hell of a match”.

“That’s when Mark carried me, but we did have a hell of a match. In 2002, I’m 54, but we did have a hell of a match, which was great. After The Last Ride, he talks about [how] he had some insecurities too. His were around health problems, bad back and stuff like that, which caused him to be insecure. Mine was all mental but we share that in common.

“Self confidence, no matter if it’s your body’s holding up or your mind and being able to do it and perform at the level that everybody thinks you can, it doesn’t matter how many times Hunter (Triple H) will say to me, ‘God damn it! You’re Ric Flair! Go out there and just relax. Be yourself.’ It goes in one ear, and it goes out the other.

“You shake your head and go ‘yes,’ and then you walk through the curtain and it’s just not there. And I think that is just due to being beating down for so long. I still really enjoyed some of that time and such great guys, Randy [Orton], Dave [Batista and] Hunter. How cool is that? Right?!”

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the quotes.

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